What I learned today...

One of the most wealthy and powerful technology titans of this era asked the government to regulate businesses operating on the internet. I believe that 1 of 2 things is true:

1 - Zuckerberg is much smarter than he lets people know, and he plans to deeply influence the drafting of any legislation that results from him laying down the first framework.

2 - Zuckerberg is asking the government to help with something that he couldn’t figure out on his own.

You decide which is likely to be true.

The Framework?
Zuckerberg’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post

4 Areas that Zuckerberg outlines for government regulation:
Harmful Content
Election Integrity
Data Portability

This is a big turning point in the business of technology, media & information transmitted digitally to large audiences of people. It is an admission that too much information in the hands of just a few people can be dangerous, and he seems to be wanting to establish a more level playing field. We’ll see how it actually plays out over time, but this is a big, gutsy move. It will be interesting to see who he has as allies behind him already (other than the obvious Jeff Bezos, Washington Post owner).