What I learned today...

One of the most wealthy and powerful technology titans of this era asked the government to regulate businesses operating on the internet. I believe that 1 of 2 things is true:

1 - Zuckerberg is much smarter than he lets people know, and he plans to deeply influence the drafting of any legislation that results from him laying down the first framework.

2 - Zuckerberg is asking the government to help with something that he couldn’t figure out on his own.

You decide which is likely to be true.

The Framework?
Zuckerberg’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post

4 Areas that Zuckerberg outlines for government regulation:
Harmful Content
Election Integrity
Data Portability

This is a big turning point in the business of technology, media & information transmitted digitally to large audiences of people. It is an admission that too much information in the hands of just a few people can be dangerous, and he seems to be wanting to establish a more level playing field. We’ll see how it actually plays out over time, but this is a big, gutsy move. It will be interesting to see who he has as allies behind him already (other than the obvious Jeff Bezos, Washington Post owner).

A Lifetime of Learning

If you are a lifelong learner, I like you already. If you’re not, I encourage you to be curious and explore your interests at a deeper level. Reach out and learn something new from an expert. Explore with an open mind, discuss with others. Life is so much richer when we expand the possibilities outside of our own little view of the universe and share our discoveries with others. Diverse viewpoints, experiences & perspectives make a group more valuable than the some of its individual members.

What I learned today.....

LTC = Love Training Center

Loving with Excellence

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up for work and learn the craft.”

Be as creative with your business model as you are with your professional craft.

Collaboration is inspiring & fun!

Take time to learn
Beginner’s mind is always the wisest
Stay curious
Stay humble
Take Action
Ask for Help

Entrepreneurs and Managers are 2 very different personalities. And you need them both.

Be increasingly aware of blind spots.
Today, not staying current with technology is a huge blind spot for many people.

Look at Business History - and learn from it.
Movie about founders of Compaq Computer and the PC wars - Silicon Cowboys

Everyone has it. Don’t freak out. Panic is never helpful.
Break the big scary thing into smaller pieces. Risk-reduce the next step forward.
Start small, be consistent, keep helping customers.
God will bring the resources, God will bring the increase.

Life Regrets of 100 year olds:
Taking my health for granted.
Not staying as connected with friends as I wanted to.
Buying into the career hierarchy culture.
Too much grinding away at work.
Regret NOT doing something that you’re passionate about
Be more of a reflection of God’s character